On a small remote Island

An Epic Adventure Awaits...

Verbal Void is a 2D Action, BEAT ‘EM UP, RPG that focuses on exploring the Autism Spectrum and Neurodiversity. Set in a small town on an island far far away, that’s fallen into disrepair and despair.

It’s up to three young kids to solve a decade-long mystery and discover more about themselves in the process. Along the way, they will meet a range of characters, each dealing with their own little part of the world. It's up to you to solve, help and restore this town from far away.

Verbal Void uses a range of innovative gameplay mechanics to put you in the shoes of these young adventures. It uses a range of visual, audio, and gameplay cues, that will guide you through the world.

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-- Key Features --

-- Conversation battles --

Interact with characters through a Turn-based RPG Battle system! Choose your verbal and non-verbal language to create messages, and discover the power of human interaction!

-- Meltdown battles --

Face your fears and darkest emotions, by beating up monsters that represent these feelings. In the process, defeating the negative emotions and boosting your Battery.

-- Character selection --

Play as 3 unique characters throughout your adventure. Swap between them at any time to gain their perspective and abilities. Together you can achieve anything!


Discover each character's traits through a variety of gameplay mechanics.


Explore a fully-realized island community, with a variety of locations to explore and find out the mysteries that surround them.


An hourly Day-Night schedule keeps the gameplay fresh every second. With a variety of interactions to explore at each hour!

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